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Chicago, also known as ‘the Windy City’, is located on the stunning banks of Lake Michigan. Being one of the largest cities in the US, Chicago boasts an extraordinary skyline. The bold architecture and the beautiful buildings’ innovative design mirror the green river that runs through the city. Iconic skyscrapers such as the 1,451 ft (442m) tall John Hancock Center, 1729 ft (527m) Willis Tower (formerly the Sears Tower) and the neo-Gothic Tribune Tower. Being a melting pot of historical and cult

How To Wear Dress Sneakers For Men (Stylish Man's Guide)

Men's dress sneakers bridge the gap between casual and formal dress shoes – perfect for occasions when you want to look stylish and casual, and wearing dress shoes would make you look a bit “too formal.”

In this article, we'll show you how to wear dress sneakers the right way – because there's a fine line between looking stylish and casual, and looking like you've just crawled out of bed.

In this article we'll cover:
• When Did Sneakers Get Their Start?
• Is There Such A Thing As Dress Sneaker

4 Of The Best Summer Spiced Rum Cocktails | Rockfall Spiced Rum

Yeah, yeah we know you’ve all been in your houses and gardens for over a year now but come rain or shine you’ll all still be planning to have friends over for a BBQ…so you’ll be in need of some drinkspiration.

Beer, prosecco (champers if you’re feeling flush) and wine are easy serves but it’s cocktails for the win when it comes to making an impact. So many people worry about making anything more complicated than a G&T but so many cocktails are incredibly simple and will help you rock those #mix

5 Qualities You Should Look For In A Client (as a Freelance Writer)

This post was written by nDash community member Steven Westwood.

I’ve been a freelance writer for over a decade now, and I must say, the journey has been epic. I’ve been lucky to get clients that I absolutely love working with. But, things haven’t always run smoothly.

Have you ever:
• Accepted a job that barely pays so that you can gain “experience” and pay your dues?
• Had a client refuse to pay you or even ghost you after you submitted your work?
• Felt that you’re not good enough to freelan

Oh No! Not Another Goal-Setting Book

What Is Your Book All About?

Oh No! Not Another Goal-Setting Book helps you understand what you want in the future, be it in a week, month, year, or even 10-years from now. Once you have this idea, it provides you with two tasks and the tools that’ll help you put in the necessary steps to get you from where you are now to where you want to be.

I’ve noticed that the majority of my clients suffer from self-doubt, fear and imposter syndrome. These emotions stop us from taking action, and not taki

A Beginners Guide To Cel Animation & How It Works | Frantic

When you think of animation, you might instantly think of or CGI (Computer Generated Imagery). These are the staples of modern animation. However, there’s still room for the more traditional methods of animation. Cel animation forms the basis of all conventional hand-drawn or 2D animation and can be seen in almost every classic cartoon of the 20th century. Today, much of it can be automated by design software, but it still forms a critical part of the motion design work we do every day here at F

What is brand storytelling & why is it important? | Frantic

Your marketing efforts are to increase interest in and sales of your services and products, so it stands to reason that your marketing materials will be directly responsible for your customers’ interest in them, right? Actually, no. We live in an age where communication is instant, information is readily available, and people want to know that they are buying from a trusted source. This has led to consumers becoming ever more wary of feeling like they are being sold to. More importantly, with so

Why Does Poor Indoor Air Quality Make Us Sick?

Have you ever been at work and suffered a headache? You’ve probably put it down to the lighting. But there is one possible cause that a lot of us don’t think of: Air Quality. Poor air quality means that particles, bacteria and viruses make their way into the blood stream when we breathe in, causing us to become ill.

In their study on air quality, Ambius found that over 40% of office workers had taken at least one day off each year due to illness. And a further 50% of people reporting difficulty

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