Steven Westwood

Successful Copywriter with more than 10 years of converting casual browsers into loyal customers. A proponent of SEO keyword integration to optimise online click rates. Dedicated to broadening companies' customer bases by enhancing public appeal through clever advertising copy.


Why Work With Me?

Are you struggling to attract customers to your business?

Then join 62% of your competitors by hiring an expert copywriter to do the work for you. As someone with an infectious energy and enthusiasm, I offer genuine encouragement and an optimistic outlook on life. Providing you (and your business) with alternative paths to help you determine the best one.

You need somebody with a strong inner drive with the intensity, energy, and power to get things done. You need a visionary, somebody who can help you turn your dreams of a better future into reality. I’ll help inspire you and push you to new heights!

I've helped businesses like yours grow significantly by choosing the right words to attract, engage and entertain. Marketing and copywriting are about quality. I have set myself high expectations and expect the same of those that I work with. Check out my reviews and portfolio for more information.

The way you brand your business is important and you need someone to help you capture peoples' attention (and keep it) by highlighting what’s important to them and helps you make meaningful connections.

I have a natural ability to anticipate different scenarios and plan ahead to help you make more agile decisions. For example, if working together on a larger project, I’ll help you coordinate your team members and resources for maximum effectiveness. I do this by having creative flexibility in complex situations that leads to greater efficiency.

I have a love of learning and love turning complex information into something educational, entertaining, informative and easy to understand. Check out my FAQs for more details on hiring a copywriter and how we work.

I’ll act as a catalyst within your business, turning your ideas into action by making things happen. Having an innate ability to prioritize, I’ll set goals and work towards them efficiently by avoiding time-consuming distractions.

It can take years to learn the concepts of marketing and copywriting, but if you're interested in marketing or the psychology behind copywriting, then head over and subscribe to my YouTube channel to stay up-to-date.

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Every word you write for your business is the chance for you to create raving fans, evoke emotion, turn lurkers into buyers and skyrocket your business.

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